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New meters and gateway installed
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Why new meters?

Once the new meter has been installed, you no longer have to read your electricity meter and send the reading to your network company. In 2015, Lyse Elnett started the huge task of installing new, automatic electricity meters in each geographical area. All customers will receive information well before it is their turn to get a new meter.

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) has decided that the installation of the new automatic electricity meters must be completed by 1 January 2019. The network companies have been assigned responsibility for installing the new electricity meters.

Lyse Elnett will visit all households, businesses, cabins and public buildings in the municipalities of Stavanger, Sola, Sandnes, Randaberg, Rennesøy, Finnøy, Strand, Hjelmeland, Kvitsøy, Gjesdal and Time.  


  • Benefits
  • Frequently asked questions
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The meter replacement are an important changed in the power grid where the meter will be a sensor. There are three main reasons why the authorities require new meters to be installed: it benefits the customers, society at large and the environment.

1. Advantages for customers
Once the new meter has been installed, you no longer have to read your electricity meter and send the reading to your network company. The meter will take care of this and automatically read the electricity several times a day. This means that you will receive an invoice that is even more accurate than it used to be. Depending on your agreement with your power supplier, you could also have the option of paying what the electricity costs for each hour of the day. More accurate information about your electricity consumption for each hour gives customers possibility of adapting consumption to hours of the day when the price is lower.

2. Advantages for society
For society at large, automation of the electricity network will improve supply security. The network companies get a more reliable and more accurate overview of how much electricity is consumed in different parts of the electricity network. This is important in fault situations, for example, when electricity must be rerouted to customers while the fault is being corrected.

Useful in connection with operating faults:
–The network company receives earlier notification of power cuts, more efficient troubleshooting and correction of faults
– Easier to discover and locate earth faults
– Possible to register voltage deviations

3. Environmental advantages
Smarter energy use can reduce the need for fossil energy and thereby have a positive effect on the climate. 


Frequently asked questions

Practical information about meter replacement

1. When can I get a new meter?
Lyse has begun the extensive process of installing new meters, one area at a time, and the process will continue until the end of 2018. If you are building a new house or installing a new fuse box, you will get a new meter even if the roll-out process has not yet reached your area. At our page www.lysenett.no/AMS you can search for your postal code and get information about when we come to your area.

2. How long will the fitters be at my house?
It will usually take 30 minutes to remove the old meter and install the new meter. The power will be disconnected during this period for the fitters’ safety. We nonetheless ask that you set aside a little more time in case the fitters are delayed or something takes longer than expected.

3. What do I do if the fitter does not show up?
You should be notified if the fitter, for any reason, is unable to come at the agreed time to replace your meter. If you do not hear from the fitter and the latest possible time of arrival has passed, please contact us and report this. You can contact our customer centre on tel. 51 90 80 79 or submit an enquiry here.

4. What if I do not want a new meter?
The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) has ordered all Norwegian network companies to install new automatic meters for all their network customers. This means that Lyse must install a new meter in your house by 1 January 2019.

NVE has made it possible for customers to opt out of having an automatic meter (AMS) installed if ‘the installation poses a material, documentable inconvenience’. The network company may grant such exemption if the customer submits a written application with documentation from a doctor or psychologist confirming that the customer has expressed fear or discomfort associated with the new electricity meters.

The exemption will only apply to the customer’s own home/holiday home. Customers who have been granted an exemption may not demand that their neighbours, family or others are also included. Nor is it possible to apply for an exemption on behalf of someone who does not live in the house.

5. How does Lyse ensure stability in the transmission of the meter data?
Lyse provides several different communication channels for transmitting electricity consumption data to Lyse Elnett. The solutions used in phase 1 and phase 2 of the project differ somewhat.

Phase 2 (after 2016):

  • Data are transmitted via radio signal.
  • Data are transmitted via the mobile phone network (4G). This is similar to sending a text message from a mobile phone.

In both phases the  communication solution will automatically switch tbetween communication channels if there are problems. This provides a backup solution when needed. The consumption data (meter values) will also be stored in the meter, so that they can be retrieved later if the information is not transmitted automatically every day.

6. Why has an aerial been installed?
If we do not establish contact with your new meter (radio/mobile signal) after it has been installed, we need to install an extra aerial. It will be a supplement to the aerial built into the meter itself.
The aerial will be installed either in or near the fuse box, or on an exterior wall. The aerial will be installed in accordance with applicable rules.
It will ensure that we receive stable consumption data from your meter and that we have good contact with it and can notify you in the event of a power cut.

7. Will other providers be able to deliver their products through the solution?
Third-party suppliers can offer their services, for example smart house and welfare technology, through a HAN port (Home Area Network) if you allow them.

8. How can I be sure that the meter data are correct?
Meters used by network owners in Norway are subject to requirements in accordance with Norwegian regulations. All meters installed by Lyse Elnett are tested and approved in accordance with EU directives and Norwegian regulations. More information about regulatory requirements for electricity meters is available at www.norskdata.no. (Regulations No 1753 of 28 December 2007).

Customers may request to have the metering equipment inspected, but they must cover the costs associated with this themselves. At present, the user charge is NOK 2,500. If the inspection identifies deviations exceeding that permitted in the regulatory requirements, Lyse Elnett will cover the cost. The inspection is carried out by an independent laboratory approved by the Norwegian Metrology Service.

9. What requirements apply to the new meters?
New automatic electricity meters are type approved, and each individual meter undergoes a final inspection before installation. The Norwegian Metrology Service follows this up in accordance with the Regulations relating to Requirements for Electricity Meters. The Regulations contain requirements that apply to new electricity meters before they are taken into use, during use and for post-inspection after they have been taken into use.

All electricity meters installed in Norway have undergone a conformity assessment. Before this, they must have passed a technical inspection (type approval). This entails a review of the documentation for the electricity meter, an assessment of whether the meter is designed to meet the requirements of the Regulations, and a test of the meter to see whether it works in the specific climatic environment and withstands the mechanical and electromagnetic interference that is to be expected under normal conditions.

In addition, each meter undergoes a final inspection, the purpose of which is to test that all meters meet requirements of accuracy, interference, operations etc.
Once the meters have been taken into use, random checks will be carried out in accordance with the Regulations.
More information is available in articles on the Norwegian Metrology Service’s website:

Requirements for new meters.
Confidence in the smart meter.
Regulatory requirements:
Regulations relating to Requirements for Electricity Meters (in Norwegian only).

Costs and consumption

10. How will I be invoiced once the new meter has been installed?
You will still receive invoices in the post or via your online bank as usual. However, you do not have to think about reading the meter and sending the information to Lyse Elnett anymore. Your bill will always be based on an accurate meter reading, where you pay for the electricity you used at the exact price when you used it. This is because the electricity price varies somewhat through the day.

11. What does the installation cost, and who will pay for it?
You do not have to pay anything for the installation or the meter. The cost of the installation of new meters will be included in your network tariff.

12. How can I steer consumption to hours when the price is lower?
The new automatic electricity meter will allow you to monitor your consumption through the day. Customers can currently see their electricity consumption per month, while the new meter will show consumption per hour, which will be available on ‘My page’. In other words, you will receive more detailed data that can be used, for example, to adapt your consumption to hours of the day when the price is lower.

In addition, third-party suppliers (not Lyse Elnett) can offer services for control and monitoring of your electricity consumption. You must contact the relevant suppliers yourself if you wish to have these services.

Some have expressed concern that the new meters will lead to people using washing machines and tumble dryers during the night, when the prices are expected to be lower. The power industry does not encourage people to use electrical appliances that can lead to an increased risk of fire during the night. Our attitude is that any changes in the consumption pattern must take into account customers’ safety and comfort. An increasing number of appliances can be connected to the internet and be integrated in smart-house solutions for automatic consumption control. However, people should take the same precautions as before to prevent fires and other risks.

13. Should I respond to messages about meter readings?
There may be several reasons for receiving a text message or email about meter readings even if you have had an automatic meter installed, for example that it takes some time before the system registers that you have a new meter, or challenges relating to the stability of the mobile phone network. We therefore recommend that you read and report the meter reading if you receive a reminder by text message or email.

14. My consumption / bill has increased after I had the new meter installed. Can that really be the case?
There are many factors that have a bearing on your electricity bill. Please note that the network tariff, consumption fee and electricity prices may have increased in relation to the bill you are comparing it with. Also check whether the previous bill from us was based on estimated consumption. The reading on the old meter will be recorded when it is replaced. If the last bill before the replacement was based on estimated consumption, any discrepancies between the estimated and the actual consumption will be invoiced on the first bill after the replacement. We recommend that everyone reads and registers their meter readings regularly if they have not had a new automatic meter installed.
When comparing your consumption for a specific month with the same month the year before, it may differ for various reasons. For example, one month may be based on estimated consumption (if you had an old meter at the time), while the new meter actually registers consumption down to the hour. In addition, there may be changes in the outdoor temperature, the number of people in the household that month, the use of new electrical appliances, changed consumption habits etc. We therefore recommend that you check your consumption over longer periods during which you have read the meter, preferably years. 
The previous meter may have been of an older type, and may have registered slightly lower readings than the actual consumption. It is well-known that mechanical meters with a rotating disc may have registered too low consumption. All new automatic meters have undergone a final inspection to document that they meet the requirements for accuracy.

All new meters are both type approved and tested in a final inspection in relation to the requirements. In Norway, it is the Norwegian Metrology Service that ensures that the requirements are met.

15. Will the network tariff and electricity price go up once the new meters have been introduced?
The costs of rolling out the new automatic electricity meters are included in the network tariff, and any changes resulting from the new electricity meter will be small. The cost of introducing new meters is only related to the network tariff, not the electricity price. If the network tariff or the electricity price goes up in the time ahead, it will be due to other factors than the introduction of new meters.

Health and protection of personal data

16. Can Lyse or anyone else monitor me via the new meter?
The Personal Data Act sets stringent requirements for the protection of personal data, and Lyse is obliged to comply with these requirements. Lyse has extensive experience as a provider of broadband services, and the encryption of data is important. Encryption ensures that no unauthorised persons will gain access to your meter data.

17. Can the electricity consumption data be misused?
All information the meter transmits to the network company is encrypted. The network company is subject to the same stringent rules as banks when it comes to personal data protection and information security.
No external parties will gain access to data from the meter unless you authorise it. Your network company will only use the information to issue correct bills and for operation and maintenance of the power grid.
The authorities have made it a requirement that the new meters have an open interface, known as a HAN interface, enabling commercial undertakings to offer services using data from the electricity meter. The HAN interface is disabled and will not be available unless you contact the network company to open it. It is this HAN interface in particular that the Norwegian Data Protection Authority has been sceptical of.

18. Does the new automatic meter give off more radiation?
The new meter and communication equipment that Lyse Elnett uses meets laws and regulations and are well within the stipulated limit values. The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority states that all the technologies used give off low and harmless doses of radiation. ‘It doesn’t matter how many times a day your meter transmits data to the network company; the radiation is still weak. The meters have a maximum output power of 0.5 watts. The maximum output power of a mobile phone is 2 watts.’
Different communication channels are used to send electricity consumption data to Lyse Elnett. In phase 2, which starts in 2017, consumption data will be transmitted via radio signal or the mobile phone network. 
Transmitting data via the mobile phone network is similar to sending a text message. Radio communication is regulated by the Regulations relating to permits for the use of frequencies (the Free Use Regulations), Chapter 3, equipment for short distance communication. The permitted frequency band is 870–875.6 MHz.
Aidon’s electricity meters have an output power of 0.0044W/m2 at a distance of three metres, in other words about one thousandth of the limit value. At a distance of one metre, the output is less than one per cent of the limit value. More information about the new electricity meters and radiation is available on the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority’s website.
In phase 1 (before 2017), Lyse Elnett used a dedicated communications device (gateway), which enabled a cable connection between the communications device and the internet box. This solution does not give off any kind of radiation. The solution is not available in phase 2.

Practical information

You will receive information about the meter replacement by email or post well in advance. You will then be contacted to agree on a date for the meter replacement. The fitters will show their ID cards unsolicited when they arrive.

Lyse aims to make the meter replacement process as smooth as possible for our network customers. We encourage you to check whether the registered email address, address and telephone number are correct by logging into ‘My page’ (Min Side).You will not pay anything for the installation or the electricity meter. This is included in the network tariff.

All the fitters who are to replace electricity meters for Lyse Elnett must take a course and undergo certification before they start installing the new meters at the customers’ homes.

If you have more than one meter in one and the same house, they will be replaced at the same time. If you have meters at different addresses, they will be replaced at different times. If you have more than five meters, however, we will try to replace all of them at the same time.

The meter replacement process:

1. You receive a letter or an email informing you that it is your turn to have a new meter installed.
2. You receive a text message proposing a time for the meter replacement. You can accept the proposed time or ask for a different time.
3. The installation company OneCo calls you to agree on a time for the installation if you dont agree with for the installation if new time does not suit you either.
4. You call Lyse’s customer service centre if you need to reschedule.
5. You receive a text message reminder the day before the installation.
6. A fitter comes to your house to replace the meter. The power supply will be disconnected while the meter is being replaced.

The fitters need access to your fuse box, but it is not necessary for the owner of the house to be at home if it is not practical. It is possible to find different solutions in dialogue with OneCo. The fitters will not enter a house where only children are home (under 16 years).

We ask you to set aside at least two hours on the day when we come to replace the meter. We would be very grateful if it is possible for you to be even more flexible with regard to when the fitters can come. The power will be disconnected while the replacement is carried out. It usually takes ca 30 minutes to replace the meter.

The fitters will take a photo of your old meter to document the meter number and reading (consumption).

There are several ways Lyse Elnett can submit electricity consumption data to Lyse. Different communication solutions are used in phase 1 (2015 and 2016) and phase 2 (after 2016) of the meter replacement process.

Phase 2 (2017–2019):

  • Data are transmitted via radio signal.

  • Data are transmitted via the mobile phone network (4G).If we are unable to establish contact (radio/mobile signal) with your meter, an extra aerial must be installed, either in or near the fuse box or on an exterior wall. The aerial will be installed in accordance with applicable rules.

If we are unable to establish contact with your meter, an extra aerial must be installed, either in or near the fuse box or on an exterior wall. the aerial will be installed in accordance with applicable rules.

Correct phone number?
In order to make this extensive logistics job run more smoothly, it is important that we have your email address and phone number. You can check that the information we have is correct by logging on to ‘My page’ at the top right-hand corner of this page. If you haven’t already created a user account, you can do so now. For that, you need your customer ID number, which you will find on your most recent electricity bill from Lyse.

After the meter replacement
The fitter will leave a brochure with some information about your new electricity meter. On the back of the brochure, the fitter will write the reading from the old meter. For various reasons, you may receive a reminder to read the meter after your new meter has been installed. If so, we recommend that you read and report the meter reading.

On ‘My page’, you can log in and check your electricity consumption. With the new meter, you will be able to see your consumption per hour by downloading an Excel sheet.

A few weeks after the meters have been replaced, we will contact some customers for a technical follow-up inspection. We hope that you will allow us to perform such an inspection.