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New meters and gateway installed
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Why new meters?

Once the new meter has been installed, you no longer have to read your electricity meter and send the reading to your network company. In 2015, Lyse Elnett started the huge task of installing new, automatic electricity meters in each geographical area. All customers will receive information well before it is their turn to get a new meter.

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) has decided that the installation of the new automatic electricity meters must be completed by 1 January 2019. The network companies have been assigned responsibility for installing the new electricity meters.

Lyse Elnett will visit all households, businesses, cabins and public buildings in the municipalities of Stavanger, Sola, Sandnes, Randaberg, Rennesøy, Finnøy, Strand, Hjelmeland, Kvitsøy, Gjesdal and Time.  


  • Benefits
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There are three main reasons why the authorities require new meters to be installed: it benefits the customers, society at large and the environment.

1. Advantages for customers
Once the new meter has been installed, you no longer have to read your electricity meter and send the reading to your network company. The meter will take care of this and automatically read the electricity several times a day. This means that you will receive an invoice that is even more accurate than it used to be. Depending on your agreement with your power supplier, you could also have the option of paying what the electricity costs for each hour of the day.
You as a customer will also receive more accurate information about your electricity consumption.

2. Advantages for society
For society at large, automation of the electricity network will improve supply security. The network companies get a more reliable and more accurate overview of how much electricity is consumed in different parts of the electricity network. This is important in fault situations, for example, when electricity must be rerouted to customers while the fault is being corrected.

3. Environmental advantages
Smarter energy use can reduce the need for fossil energy and thereby have a positive effect on the climate. 


Frequently asked questions

Practical information about meter replacement

1. When can I get a new meter?
In the course of 2015, Lyse will begin the extensive process of installing new meters, one area at a time, and the process will continue until the end of 2018. If you are building a new house or installing a new fuse box, you will get a new meter even if the roll-out process has not yet reached your area.

2. How long will the fitters be at my house?
It will usually take 30 minutes to remove the old meter and install the new meter. The power will be disconnected during this period for the fitters’ safety. We nonetheless ask that you set aside a little more time in case the fitters are delayed or something takes longer than expected.

5. What if I do not want a new meter?
The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) has ordered all Norwegian network companies to install new automatic meters for all their network customers. This means that Lyse must install a new meter in your house by 1 January 2019.

7. How does Lyse ensure stability in the transmission of the meter data?
If there is a problem with the transmission of data via your internet box, because either your internet connection or wireless network fails, the communication device will automatically switch to GPRS (mobile network) or a radio signal. This ensures that the solution always works without you having to worry about a thing.

9. Will other providers be able to deliver their products through the solution?
Third-party suppliers can offer their services, for example smart house and welfare technology, through a HAN port (Home Area Network) if you allow them.

Costs and consumption

10. How will I be invoiced once the new meter has been installed?
You will still receive invoices in the post or via your online bank as usual. However, you do not have to think about reading the meter and sending the information to Lyse Elnett anymore. Your bill will always be based on an accurate meter reading, where you pay for the electricity you used at the exact price when you used it. This is because the electricity price varies somewhat through the day.

11. What does the installation cost, and who will pay for it?
You do not have to pay anything for the installation or the meter. The cost of the installation of new meters will be included in your network tariff.

12. Will the network tariff vary through the day once the new meters have been installed?
It is the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) that decides the different elements of the network tariff. The current requirement is a fixed element and a consumption-based element for end users. Power producers and big consumers connected to the highest voltage levels already have a network tariff that varies somewhat through the day (different rates during the day, night and at weekends in the consumption-based element). It is probable that the network tariff for ordinary consumers will vary through the day once the new meters have been installed.

13. Will the network tariff and electricity price go up once the new meters have been introduced?
The costs of rolling out the new automatic electricity meters are included in the network tariff, and any changes resulting from the new electricity meter will be small. The cost of introducing new meters is only related to the network tariff, not the electricity price. If the network tariff or the electricity price goes up in the time ahead, it will be due to other factors than the introduction of new meters.

14. What can I do to steer consumption to hours when the price is low?
The new automatic electricity meter will allow you to monitor your consumption through the day. You can view your electricity consumption by logging on to ‘My page’ at lysenett.no. This will also give you an opportunity to steer your electricity consumption to hours of the day when the price is low, because the electricity price varies through the day. You can also control consumption using different types of sensors and use the computer brain for this type of control of heating, lighting, the water heater etc.

Health and protection of personal data

15. Can Lyse or anyone else monitor me via the new meter?
The Personal Data Act sets stringent requirements for the protection of personal data, and Lyse is obliged to comply with these requirements. Lyse has extensive experience as a provider of broadband services, and the encryption of data is important. Encryption ensures that no unauthorised persons will gain access to your meter data.

16. Does the new meter give off more radiation than the old one? 
The smart meter talk to the central systems using transmissions based on cell phone or radio communication method.  This will be well within the authorities’ requirements for electromagnetic radiation, and measurements made by the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority and the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority. Special adaptations can be made for people who suffer from electro-sensitivity on presentation of a doctor’s certificate.

Practical information

You will receive a letter or email from Lyse Elnett well before we come to your house to replace the meter. You will then be contacted to agree on a date for the meter replacement. The fitters will show their ID cards unsolicited when they arrive.

Lyse aims to make the meter replacement process as smooth as possible for our network customers. You will not pay anything for the installation or the electricity meter. This is included in the network tariff.

All the fitters who are to replace electricity meters for Lyse Elnett must take a course and undergo certification before they start installing the new meters at the customers’ homes.

The meter replacement process:

1. You receive a letter or an email informing you that it is your turn to have a new meter installed.
2. You receive a proposal with a time for the installation that you can agree with or ask for another time.
3. The installation company OneCo calls you to agree on a time for the installation if you dont agree with the installation time.
4. You call Lyse’s customer service centre if you need to reschedule.
5. You receive a text message reminder the day before the installation.

The fitters need access to your fuse box, but it is not necessary for the owner of the house to be at home if it is not practical. It is possible to find different solutions in dialogue with OneCo. The fitters will not enter a house where only children are home, unless this has been agreed in advance.

We ask you to set aside at least two hours on the day when we come to replace the meter. We would be very grateful if it is possible for you to be even more flexible with regard to when the fitters can come. The power will be disconnected while the replacement is carried out. It usually takes ca 30 minutes to replace the meter.

The fitters will take a photo of your old meter to document the meter number and reading (consumption).

Correct phone number?
In order to make this extensive logistics job run more smoothly, it is important that we have your email address and phone number. You can check that the information we have is correct by logging on to ‘My page’ at the top right-hand corner of this page. If you haven’t already created a user account, you can do so now. For that, you need your customer ID number, which you will find on your most recent electricity bill from Lyse.